Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Finished Projects...

Here are a few photos of some finished projects.


I think the black top might have to go into storage until I drop a few pounds! Nothing reveals that I haven't been doing crunches like knits.

Skirt: Simplicity 4044 (Vintage Re-issue) sewn in an extra-pounds revealing knit
Top: Vogue 8737 sewn in a medium-weight 100% polyester crepe
Favourite wedge sandals: Calvin Klein

Top:  Marcy Tilton Jacket, Vogue 8709
Skirt: Vogue 2885 (Vintage Re-issue)
Favourite wedge sandals: Calvin Klein 

Top:  Vogue 8709, sewn in a light-weight 100% cotton evergreen sateen stretch
Skirt: Vogue 2885 sewn in a heavy weight 100% cotton white sateen stretch
Favourite wedge sandals:  Calvin Klein

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