Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I Need a Plan!

There is nothing like a rainy August day and a few leaves on the ground to make me realize that summer will soon be coming to an end. And the sad part of this is that I haven't gotten around to sewing plans that I wanted to make. Part recovery from the injury, part lost sewing mojo and part life just got in the way.  

I picked up this pattern back in November 2016 (pre-injury) with plans to have that top made in time for the summer. I have still yet to make it. 

This Oki Style pattern was picked up over a year ago (March 2016) and I was crazy excited about sewing this up, still am. Life just got busy and it fell to the sides.  

Does this happen to you? Big plans that sometimes don't come to be because of unforeseen circumstances or procrastination or perhaps a lack of planning. Or perhaps you try out a pattern and then you spend the next few weeks remaking it because it's too fabulous (insert Eva dress that I've been distracted with lately).  

Or are you the type of sewist that I envy who can stick to a plan regardless of what life and pattern companies throw at us?  

The only plan I have in the near further is to make a dress for Mom and then an Eva dress for a friend. And then maybe I'll get to making a sewing plan for myself.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. ...I'm still working on last summer's plan...

  2. Plan. What plan? I keep getting derailed by oooh! shiny, or new or both.


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