Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Have you seen the new Fall 2017 release from Vogue?  I became aware when Marcy Tilton sent out an email for her new pattern, Vogue 9272, which led me to the Vogue Pattern site and then ~gasp!~ I think I might be tempted by more than a few on this release.  

The Marcy Tilton top pattern in question that caught my eye. I have to admit that I really like the fit the armhole on this and the amount of ease around the mid-section, now I can be really tempted by this one.  

Oh and this dress, Vogue 1559!  Off-the-shoulder shirtdress, seriously Vogue!  Squeal, love it.
But then this one, Vogue 1553, might be a better choice. I wouldn't have to drop any pounds and suck in my stomach.  
For some reason, I do like Vogue 1556.  It is not really my style, but I think it is that belted waist. It wouldn't work on my body type though, so moving along.
 Vogue 1564 is a cute raincoat. Not on the need list but I did stop to admire it.  
Now, Vogue 9266, I need that jacket pattern. Upcoming formal event and that jacket would look good with Tessuti's Eva dress pattern. Too bad the pattern illustration reminds me of that first lady look what's-her-name wore. I'm going to have to make it funky to wipe that imagery out of my mind. I'm not looking for a pseudo celebrity copy-cat look.    

Oh and Kathryn Brenne, you're quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. Excuse the fan-girl moment but this Vogue 9268 design is swoon-worthy.  

And who is this Julio Cesar? Vogue 9269 is a sweet shirtdress. I'm glad to see all the shirt dresses this season. If I thought I could pull it off, I would lengthen it for sure.  

I'm starting to get excited about fall sewing. How about you, any favourites?

Happy Sewing!

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