Thursday, 3 August 2017

In Sewing News Today...

Vogue released their Fall 2017 collection last night and over on Instagram this afternoon, things got quite political over this pattern.  

Yup, Vogue 9266 stirred up some heated rhetoric when someone commented that it appears as an endorsement of a political figure by Vogue Patterns. The message has since been removed but there is evidence of it lingering on other's comments. I think that was a bit of a stretch and it is unfortunate that the photo and illustration of the said outfit was the same colour as the one worn by the political figure's wife. It certainly does look like a copy of a now famous outfit and does invoke some pretty strong emotions. It's the copy part of this pattern that doesn't sit well with me. I don't want to look like someone else or copy some one's style, that is the reason why I sew but I have to admit when Carlos posted a video about this jacket, I didn't make the connection. I just loved the jacket. It's the only part of the pattern I'm interested in. Now, I'm thinking about another jacket pattern that I have in my collection that may also work with the Eva dress pattern.  

OOP Vogue 8717 has the short bolero look that I'm looking for. I just might go with this pattern instead and just avoid any negative attention that the other pattern sadly is attracting. It is a lovely design but better safe than sorry. And besides, the Vogue 8717 is just as lovely.  

In other sewing news, I'm looking forward to the long weekend because I will have three consecutive days off and I plan to be sewing. Hmmm, now what to sew?  

Well, that's all in sewing news today.  Happy Sewing!  


  1. I like both patterns, and can see your point about the copying - it would have been nice to have it be a designer pattern. I'm not sure I'll buy the new pattern, as it's just the jacket I like also. Now, politics is so overheated many can't separate anything related to the party they oppose from any subject it seems, not even sewing patterns. But that's nothing new really. I've been reading through back issues of Threads and after Bill Clinton won, they did an article on Hillary's ball gown and how it was constructed. Someone wrote in bitterly complaining about how dare they cover anything related to the Clintons and said to cancel their subscription. They could. not. separate. politics from an article about gown construction.

    1. I guess politics affect more than just hemlines! That's interesting about the Clinton ball gown/Threads article. I didn't realize that happened as well.

  2. They did FLOTUS' Obama's inauguration coat from 2012 (Butterick?? McCalls?) and her SOTU Michael Kors outfit (Butterick).

    It's being a bit nitpicky IMO, and I don't support her or him. Personally, I think the original outfit AND the pattern are unattractive (like the dress alone just fine...but it isn't new or groundbreaking) and the color is...odd...

    1. You're right, it's not a ground-breaking or fun and funky like a Tilton sister design. I just need something to cover-up for an autumn wedding that wasn't too flashy. And I liked the video that Carlos posted a few weeks back. I didn't watch it with the sound, I wish I could find it now. Anyway, the other Vogue pattern will work just fine. I have a few tweaks I would like to make to it and hopefully it will work.


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