Saturday, 24 December 2016


Talking about miracles on this the most blessed time of the year, Vogue 1455 is done! I woke up this morning and the aches and pains that have been around the last few days are gone. And in all the last minute preparations for Christmas I was able to finish Lynn Mizono's most adorable little girls' dress pattern.  

I'm just sad that I wasn't able to finish it off before my Christmas lay-off from work. My co-worker who is being gifted this for her daughter knows that it is coming. I just wish I was able to give it to her before we parted from work.  

This one is made in a size 2, it will be a little big for the child it is intended for but soon she'll grow into it. Size 2 is the smallest size the pattern comes in so that's what I went with for this project.  

The Stats:

Fabric:   2 metres of assorted cottons

Ribbon:  2 metres

Buttons:  4 - 1/2 inch clear buttons

Pattern:  Vogue 1455

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, hand needle, threads (for the serger, sewing machine and hand-stitching), buttonhole foot, scissors, thread clippers, pins, cutting table, tracing paper, tailor's chalk, wrist and elbow brace, many breaks, tylenol, heating pad, iron, and ironing board.  

Wishing all you who celebrate this time a year many blessings, the joy and company of loved ones and memories to be cherished throughout your life-time.  

Happy Holidays and happy sewing!  

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