Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Dress I Hope is Never Worn

Stash busting 2014:  Another Simplicity 2372

Fabric:             2.3 metres

Zipper:            22" invisible zipper

Basting Tape:  44" length

Thread:            1 spool of black serger thread was finished off

I have quite a few pieces of black clothing in my closet. I wear black because it works with my skin colour and I like to believe that it makes me look slim. Mama R sometimes wears black when social and Portuguese cultural etiquette dictates. It is the reason that she asked me to make her a black dress some black dresses. That, and the fact that the black clothes in her closet do not fit her. I hope she never wears has to wear this dress.

The fabric was a recent find when Mama R and I checked out Northwest Fabrics a couple of weeks ago. We both picked out the fabric unsure if the other would approve. Sometimes we're so alike, we scare each other. The black invisible zipper was stash busted out of my zipper stash. And a spool of black serger thread was broken out of the thread stash. I have been lucky finding serger thread at Value Village where I often pick up a bag of 4-5 spools of serger thread that would retail four times as much. Gotta love a bargain.   

The pattern, Simplicity 2372 of course, has been a go-to pattern for Mama R. Same changes as the last couple of them (lengthen the sleeves and shorten the hem) so I won't bore you with the details. Other than I think the sleeves are too long for a short sleeve dress but Mama R likes it.  

Fabric for two more black dresses that I hope never have to be worn are on the cutting table. So, I better get to work.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Wow lucky you in the thread department. I've seen serger thread quite a few times at my value village but it's actually more expensive than the stuff I buy in any of the sewing stores I go to. What I do find at my value village though is some great fabric and often some beautiful vintage silk sprees for a good price

    1. That was saree or sari not sprees, got to love autocorrect :)


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