Thursday, 14 August 2014

At this rate...

At this rate, August will go down as the month of sewing bloopers.

My latest project is a white linen wrap dress. I absent-mindedly stitched the armhole closed when stitching the lining to the fashion fabric on the bodice. And I didn't realize the error of my ways as I serged, clipped and pressed the curved seams. So what was my blooper?  

I cut out sleeves with every intention of making this a wrap dress with sleeves! Sometimes you're I'm just coasting along so proud of how the satin lining fabric looks and thinking about how wonderfully silky it is going to feel next to your my skin when wearing the dress when it hits you me--you I screwed up!  

This is what happens when trying to kick the coffee habit. Yup, I'm going to blame it on coffee. But truth be told, it is all my fault. What can I say?  I'm human.  

It is too late to correct is blooper. And that is okay, because it still looks nice as a sleeveless wrap dress. Not my preference but sometime you just have to go with the flow, have a good chuckle, admit when you need a coffee break and get on with it.  

Here's to our sewing bloopers turning out beautifully flawed and no one knowing otherwise. Shhh, our secret.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Making lemons into lemonaid? Although I don't think that's quite right, because it doesn't sound like you had a lemon at all, just a...lemonaid with maybe a little bit of sugar missing? I don't even know, I should stop trying to use this

    I'm looking forward to seeing your dress, it sounds lovely (even without the sleeves)!

  2. Hi Graca! I finished my first McCall's 8133! I plan on more, at least one with sleeves. Thanks so much for generously sending this pattern my way. I really enjoyed the sewing. There are some pictures at if you'd like to see how it came out!

    1. OMG! Thank you for letting me know, it came out great! I can't believe all the ease that was in that pattern.


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