Monday, 1 April 2013

Marcy Tilton Jacket

Stash Busting 2013:  Project 14

Fabric Used:      2 metres of felted double knit and contrasting orange double knit.

Patterns Used:   Vogue 8839, circa 2012.


I've wanted to sew up this pattern for some time now. The Vogue 8839 jacket pattern I picked up back in July 2012 as soon as it came out. I figured that I would make it in a knit fleece fabric that I had and then quickly changed my mind on the fabric choice when Vogue 8854 appeared on the scene. The pattern reappeared in my thoughts for another Pattern Review challenge but it never materialized.

Well, I think I found a perfect fabric match for this pattern. All inspired to match my orange and black wedged heeled rubber boots. Now if it would just stop snowing maybe I can put these two items together in an outfit. But I digress...

I did not have enough of the black felted double knit fabric to make the jacket so I cut the main pieces with this fabric and the facings, pockets and collar in the orange double knit. I plan to sew a Marcy Tilton skirt pattern out of the remaining orange double knit fabric.

Yes, I did cut out the pockets and even marked the welt pocket placement on the jacket front but changed my mind as I put the jacket together. I'm okay with my decision even though I did like the idea of pockets I was a wee bit nervous about sewing welt pockets on a double knit fabric.

Unintentional action shot
This jacket has the edges left unfinished. Now you would think that would save some time but most of my time was spent topstitching.

I like the look of all the top-stitching not so certain about the un-finished edges. I don't hate it, it will just take some time to grow on me. That said, all the seam allowances have been finished on the serger.

Front view
Back view

Maybe I should make an orange skirt to go with this, no?

I do have enough fabric to finally make Marcy Tilton's skirt, Vogue 8637.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. The orange looks pink on my screen, but it looks lovely in pink and imagined as orange. I love the idea of being inspired by your rubber boots! lol I think an orange skirt would look really good with this, as would any colour that appears in the top. :)


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