Sunday, 14 April 2013

When Choosing Fabric...

I messed up today in my sewing.

Not totally, I sewed perfect plackets for the sleeves of the McCall's 2447 men's shirt.

And then I messed up when I went to sew the sleeve in the armhole opening. I didn't realize the errors of my ways as I took down the pressing ham and steam pressed the seam.

And then, I didn't realized the errors of my ways as I serged the armhole seam edges. I didn't even realize the errors of my ways when I pinned, sewed and serged the side and arm seams closed.

And then, I only realized the errors of my ways when I turned the sleeve over and went to admire the placket sitting at the lower edge of the sleeve as it hung on the form.

Goodness gracious!

How did I make such a horrible error? Was it the lack of sleep I got last night? Did I not have enough coffee before I started sewing this afternoon? I could blame it on the fabric that looks the same on both sides but I couldn't really get away with such a poor excuse with those blue chalk markings? Could I? I didn't think sew...

Now where is that seam ripper?

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