Sunday, 7 April 2013

What's Next?

I have so much sewing that I want to should do, I am somewhat torn where to begin.

I should finish cutting out the piece of white linen that was left over from the purificators. I thought that I would return it to the parish in case they need it for something else but they asked that I continue with the initial plan. Sew, there is that to do.

And I have one more mending project for the parish priest. Another vestment that his mother made for him in need of repair. It is so delicate and beautifully sewn that I am proceeding with caution and a bit of procrastination.

And there is that ever growing pile of mending to tackle. Let's not talk about that!

Right now, I've put aside the two patterns I had in mind for the Pattern Stash contest over at Pattern Review. I found myself pulling out these patterns that I've had for sometime to qualify rather than sewing some of the new patterns in my stash that I'm excited about sewing. Hopefully spring is around the corner, can you believe it is snowing again as I write this?

I really want to sew something new for spring/summer if it every gets here. There is the kAtheRine Tilton shirt pattern I picked up a few weeks ago, Butterick 5891. Oh and there is that Marcy Tilton dress, Vogue 8876. I have fabric picked out and ready to cut once I get all my should-be-sewing projects out of the way.

I have pulled out the pattern pieces and fabric I cut out last weekend, McCall's 2447. They are two more shirts for my kid brother. These shirts won't count for the contest but that is okay. I'm in the mood to sew something in cotton. And I do like the top-stitiching, maybe I might even try my hand at flat-felled seams again. But really, I should just get these shirts done.

I find that my sewing has taken a detour from something exciting to something I should be sewing. This is not good. It is a dangerous downward spiral to losing one's sewing mojo. And I don't want that to happen.

I need a shake-up. Some good tunes to get my spirits into the mood.

 Happy Sewing!



  1. I know what you mean about Should be sewing - my brain is full of fantastic ideas, I just never get around to making them up!

  2. My sewing is on a 'fill-in' at the moment - trying to fill in gaps in the wardrobe that I remember from last winter. And, I am also in need of making a ball gown which needs to be finished by May - just waiting on the pattern to arrive ... J

  3. Ugh, not more snow! The long winter must be a bit of a mojo buster. :-( Summer will come - sooner or later!
    On another note, I am working on a white shirt and did flat felled seams on the back shoulder princess seams. Something so satisfying about those neat seams, all folded in and sewn so meticulously!


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