Saturday, 5 May 2012

In Sewing News Today...

Graduation Party Dress:

It has been many, many years since I sat down to sew a dress for my niece. As she once announced, "What do I care about fashion, I'm a jeans and tee-shirt person." Those words almost crushed my heart. Teen-agers can be so cruel.

The little gal in the photo is her, she's all grown up now and in less than a couple of months she'll be graduating from high school. Seriously, where has the time gone? 

I'm working on a dress for her graduation party. Can you believe it, the gal who doesn't "care about fashion" is allowing me the pleasure of making her graduation dress. It seems surreal that so much time has passed since this photo was taken and that her graduation party dress fabric is now sitting on my cutting board.  

I've never been so nervous about sewing a project. It has to be perfect. I won't stand for anything less. There is a great deal emotion invested into this project. I'm trying to impress someone who could care less about fashion.

Every stitch will carry my energy and wishes that all her dreams come true. And maybe she's like the dress so much that a little part of her might care about fashion. Don't worry, I know that's a bit of a far stretch. She's grown into a remarkable person even though she almost crushed my heart.  It's all good because I get to make her dress!

How Vogue 8709 turned into a Garden Party Dress:

I'm putting my own projects away until the graduation party dress is done. But I do have the next project picked out.

Fabricland was having a sale last week, I know. I fell off the wagon yet again.

Doobee over at Doobee's Creations had the idea that we should find bold out-there fabrics and make another version of Vogue 8709 at the same time. I like the idea! Hence, the fabric shopping.

I didn't find a "bold out-there fabric" for the jacket/top...


I mean, I can be easily distracted.

... but I did find a floral print that I thought would make a sweet summer dress.

I found the floral print in the home decor section of the store. It is a medium weight 100% cotton fabric and it looks like it has a sateen finish.

The print reminds me of these beautiful flowers that were everywhere on the island of Sao Miguel, Portugal. So Sew, I thought it would be perfect for a summer dress. I am trying to decide on which pattern to choose, McCall's 6554 or Vogue 8667. I'm leaning more to the McCall's pattern. What do you think?

And then the search will continue for a bold out-there fabric for Vogue 8709.

Anyway, that's all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!


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