Sunday, 6 May 2012

Me-Made-May '12: Week One Round-up

May Day! Tuesday, May 1st.  I started off Me-Made May '12 trying to shake a horrible cold-gone-bad that knocked me off my feet.

White Terry Robe:  Simplicity 7417  
Socks:  SmartWool, best gift ever!
Betty Boop PJ bottoms:  Gift
Skechers Tee-shirt:  Gift

Wednesday, May 2nd.  Yes, I did. I wore the same thing two days in a row.  I did change things up and change my tee-shirt and socks.  

White Terry Robe:  Simplicity 7417
Betty Boop PJ bottoms:  Gift
Leonard Cohen Tee-shirt:  Gift
Socks:  SmartWool, again, best gift ever!


Thursday, May 3rd.  

Daytime:  Back to work on a rainy, chilly May morning. It didn't end up raining the whole day as predicted and by the end of the day I felt somewhat over-dressed.  

Dress:  Vogue 7794 
Plaid Tights:  Sarah Borghi
Glasses:  DKNY
Watch:  Mio 
My Oh-So-Sexy Knee Braces:  Ossur
 Shoes:  Josef  Seibel 

Evening:  Stayed-in and got rid of my oh-so-sexy knee braces and tights. I was able to fit in a wee bit of sewing before entertaining the neighbour's kids who unexpectedly dropped over with their folks for a visit.  

 Friday, May 4th. 

Daytime:  Working at the school.  I wore my new tee-shirt because it had pockets to hold pennies.  

Yes, pennies.  Today was the last day that the Royal Canadian Mint was producing pennies.  So I shared this piece of trivia with the students and offered them a penny if they expressed how they felt about the penny's demise.  "A penny for their thoughts." 

The pocket for the tee-shirt was perfect, I thought. But the weight of the pennies threatened to drag the neckline down over my shoulder.  So I looked for a cup to hold my pennies.  

Black Skirt:  Refashion pants to skirt project
Melon Tee-shirt:  Butterick 5679
Glasses:  DKNY
My Oh-So-Sexy Knee Braces:  Ossur
Black Shoes:  Groundhog (shown here

Evening:  Stayed-in with a good book, Mordecai Richler's On Snooker: The Game and the Characters Who Play It, and my sweater blanket.  Evening Cocktail:  Gin Caesar, hold the celery and the gin (stupid antibiotics for this stupid sinus infection).  

Saturday, May 5th.  Cloudy, rainy Saturday.  

Daytime:  Running errands, shopping, eating, drinking coffee, resume/cover letter writing and reading newspapers... 
Evening:  Cutting out the next sewing project and drinking Chai lattes.  

I was bad, I wasn't feeling the Me-Made-May vibe today. I briefly tried on the denim Burda skirt but I wasn't feeling it.  So I changed. Sorry. I didn't even get a picture.  

Black Skirt:  Refashion pants to skirt project 
(see Friday's skirt)
Red silk print top:  Jones New York
Jean jacket:  Buffalo Jeans 
Shoes:  Mephisto

Sunday, May 6th.  Woke up to a cloudy sky but the sun came out trying to tease me outdoors.  

Daytime:  Housecleaning, laundry, cutting and marking the next sewing project, finished reading the weekend editions of the newspapers.

Evening:  More laundry, television watching, blogging and tidying up the sewing area.

Dress:  Vogue 1234 
(the most comfortable dress in my closet)
Glasses:  DKNY
Braclet:  Vintage Rafael


  1. I love your dresses! How did I miss taht first Vogue- it's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, I had that first Vogue pattern for a few years before I made it.


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