Monday, 12 March 2012

"A Second Chance" Project

Once upon a time this was a very comfortable cotton knit Esprit dress. And it had pockets. It was perfect for those warm June workdays when I had recess duties. I also liked the snap detail on the back bodice.

Today the knee length navy blue knit dress looks dated when I try it on. It is too short (I want a length that covers the knee braces that I wear) and too snug around my generous booty. Sew, I took the scissors to the dress and snipped away just above the waistline.

I could use a new tee shirt. Adding about seven inches to the waist length it still feels a wee bit snug around the mid section.

Or perhaps a re-fashioned dress? Maybe cut it for an empire style waist and pick up some fabric for a skirt. Or better yet go hunting through my fabric stash.

Any suggestions? I'm open to any that you might have.

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