Tuesday, 25 October 2011

We're shopping for dresses!!!

The highlight of my day was picking up my niece from school. She totally made my day.

"Auntie Graca do you think we could go shopping for grad dresses?" she asked.

"Grad dresses?" I asked with puzzlement.

"Yeah" she said.

"Are you thinking of a ready-to-wear dress or one that you want sewn?" I ask hoping that she wouldn't answer ready-to-wear.

"I would like to go and see dresses and see what I would like first," she said.

Struggling to regain control of the car as I replied, "sure".

Jiminy Cricket! I think she might let me make her a dress. I'm so excited. I can't remember the last time I made my niece a dress. Never mind a special occasion dress.

And a grad dress, I would be so honoured. I didn't get to go to my high school graduation, strict Portuguese family blah, blah, blah so part of me is living vicariously through her. I know, I know, it is her special day. And hey if she wants ready-to-wear I wouldn't hold it against her. I'm just thrilled that she's letting her old aunt share in the planning of one of her special days.

We're going shopping!  

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