Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How many sergers does a gal need?

How many sergers do you have? How many do you think you need?

I only need one. This one.

This is my very first serger and it has served me well over the years.

It is a Janome, the same brand as my sewing machine. I bought it many years ago and I have to admit that is one of my favourite sewing tools. Well, besides my handy-dandy seam ripper.

I don't know how I lived without it. Oh wait, now I remember! Pinking shears. Yes, those days of pinking shears.

I haven't picked up a pair of pinking shears since I purchased my Janome serger.

A couple of years ago a sewing tragedy struck and my Janome serger stopped working. The store were I purchased it had closed down. And I didn't know where to go to get if fixed.

So I went shopping for a new serger. And I found this one.  

A Baby Lock serger. My second serger. Yes, it is younger, and new, and can do all these new fancy tricks. But it is difficult to replace my first serger love.  

I purchased this serger before I discovered that my first serger could be fixed. Rob at Quilt as Desired was able to restore my Janome serger. He did an amazing job.  

So I have two sergers. This one is my back-up serger if, heaven forbid, a second tragedy strikes my precious Janome.

Someone suggested keeping white thread on one serger and black thread on the other so that I wouldn't have to keep changing thread colours. But I really do prefer to sew on my old serger.

The baby lock can do some fancy tricks but I just haven't found the time to sit down and discover all it has to offer. It is on my list of things to do.

This Singer serger is the latest to enter my life. It was the generous gift from a woman who belongs to my church.

I tried to explain that I don't need another sewing machine and that a different home may be more suitable.

"What about your kids?" I asked.

My life on hold.  
But despite my claims, her generousity prevailed and it ended up in the church office for me to pick up.

It is an extremely generous gift. And I am touched that she thought of me. But seriously how many sergers does a gal need?

What I do need is a full-time job.

I need a job that would afford me a roof over my head and I place where I can unpack these boxes.

These boxes are just a few of my belongs that I have stored in the corner of my parent's house. The rest of my belonging, I gave away. I didn't have room for it.

And I don't have room for another serger.

What is a gal to do?

So many sergers, no sewing room to call our own.


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