Saturday, 14 November 2020

Basic Black Bias-cut Knit Skirt: Vogue 1730

I really like this skirt.  It's very comfortable and it looks good with this shirt.  They both have asymmetrical hems that compliment each other.  Gotta love it when a new make works with another piece.  

Sewing this project was easy once it came to sewing.  

First, I had to shorten it.  The pattern doesn't come with lengthen / shorten lines but the front and back pieces include an extension.  It's this point that I used for shortening the skirt length by two inches.  

Next came to cutting it out.  Yikes!  The pattern pieces and single layer of fabric won't fit on my cutting table and meant this had to be done on the floor.  And for this reason, I doubt I will be revisiting this pattern.  

This skirt pattern does not have as much ease as the pants.  

The fabric is a ponte knit that was in the stash.  No idea how long it's been there.  I didn't prewash this piece of cloth before cutting into it.  

Project Details

Seams:  2.5 length (knit stitch)

Seam Finish:  serge

Fabric:  2 metres

PatternVogue 1730

Elastic:  1.4 metres

Knit 'N Stable Tape:  3 metres

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Cardboard cutting mat, scissors, pins, wrist pin cushion, measuring tape, sewing machine, serger, screwdriver, ball point sewing machine needle, threads, heat pad and coffee.  

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I love this skirt. I would love to see your version of the top with this skirt. Thank you for the post!


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