Thursday, 20 February 2020

Troubleshooting Thursdays: Sewing Machine Motor Doesn't Run

I'm all for trying to solve a sewing machine issue and saving some money but when it comes to the motor there are some things that are best to leave it to the professional.  That said, there are some things you might want to check before packing up your sewing machine.  

1.  Check if the machine is plugged in

Okay, this might seem obvious but it worth a check.  The electrical cord may have come unplugged from the wall.  

2.  Defective cord

Check to any damage spots on the power cord.  If this is the case, replace it.  

3.  Burnt out motor

This is one of those situations when it is best to pack up the machine to take it to the repair shop.  If the motor smells bad, it may need to be replaced.  

4.  Foot control is not working

The foot control can be defective.  Two things can happen, the foot control may have stopped working or the machine will only run on high speed.  If it is the latter, the foot control may be partially burnt out.  If the foot control can be separated from the sewing machine (plug-in type) you may be able to order a replacement from the manufacturer or an online vendor.  If your foot control is permanently attached to the machine, best to pack it up and take it to be replaced by a professional.  

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