Monday, 17 February 2020

The Science of Kindness

Today is filled with reasons to celebrate, for me it's a sewing day as today is an official holiday.  Locally, in this part of the world it is Louis Riel Day. Other parts of this country are celebrating Family Day as Louis Riel still to this day is a controversial figure. -sigh-

It also happens to be National Acts of Kindness Day.   

Be Kind to the Environment

1.  Hang your clothes to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer
2.  Walk or take the bus instead of taking the car
3.  Car pool
4.  Recycle and reuse
5.  Give up plastic
6.  Sew some reusable produce bags and share them with your family and friends
7.  Sew some reusable snack bags and share them with your family and friends
8.  Sew reusable grocery bags and share them with your family and friends
9.  Live simply.
10.  Learn about fabrics and discover the pros and cons of natural vs. man-made fibres
11.  Reduce the use of chemicals

Be Kind to Your Neighbourhood

12.  Pick up garbage that is left lingering on the street after garbage pick-up
13.  Clear the snow off your elderly neighbour's driveway or if weather dictates offer to cut the grass
14.  Sweep the public sidewalk in front of your home
15.  Plant some flowers
16.  Trim your trees
17.  Say hello to your neighbours
18.  Be involved, attend neighbourhood meetings
19.  Clear the storm drain of leaves
20.  Support local small businesses
21.  Support local farmer's markets

Be Kind to Your Community

22.  Sew, knit or crochet blankets for fire victims
23.  Help with snow clearing at your church
24.  Tutor a student struggling with the "new" math
25.  Welcome a newcomers to your community, offer to show them around
26.  Sew for Cancer patients (chemo ports, chemo hats, pillows, etc.)
27.  Donate books to charities
28.  Teach computer skills to seniors
29.  Teach someone how to sew
30.  Help with organizing community events
31.  Become politically aware so that you're not duped by political lies and half truths
32.  Sew for local theatre groups

Be Kind to Your Family

33.  Offer to prepare dinner
34.  Offer to clean the dishes
33. Spend some time and listen to them without offering advice.  Sometimes all we just need someone to listen.
35.  Give compliments
36.  Tell them you love them
37.  Don't take them for granted, cherish your time together
38.  Sew them something special
39.  Give hugs freely
40.  Treat them to a free movie
41.  Pick up groceries and put it away
42.  Show interest in their hobbies
43.  Support them even if you don't agree with them

Be Kind to Yourself

44.  Make time to pray
45.  Be grateful
46.  Take a bubble bath
47.  Make time to read
48.  Invest in yourself, take a course or learn a new skill
49.  Make time for your hobbies
50.  Drink water
51.  Eat healthy food
52.  And treat yourself to a cookie every once and a while
53.  Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself
55.  Treat yourself to a night out at the symphony, opera or a concert
56.  Make time for those who are important in your life
57.  Make time for exercise
58.  Plank, your core will thank you!
59.  Invest in a standing desk
60.  And a proper cutting table
61.  Learn to cook, take cooking lessons

Be Kind to Your Co-Workers

62.  Surprise them with homemade muffins
63.  Give them compliments
64.  Ask how their day is going
65.  Show interest
66.  Participating in a potluck lunch?  Ask if your co-workers have any food allergies or restrictions to make sure everyone feels included.
67.  First one in the staff room?  Make coffee for when your co-workers arrive.
68.  Don't make someone feel bad about not participating in workplace activities that cost money.  Not everyone makes the same amount of income and you may not know what someone can afford to participate in.
69.  Smile
70.  Don't exclude others, you're part of a team.
71.  Offer help if you have time and you see a co-worker can use some assistance
72.  Share new techniques and skills you picked up at a personal development event
73.  Upgrade your skills so that you're valuable to the team

Be Kind to Those in Need

74.  Don't judge
75.  Sew winter gear for the homeless
76.  Sew sleeping bags for the homeless
77.  Don't turn away
78.  Listen to their stories
79.  Pick up that extra box of cereal for the local food drive box
80.  Pick up thank you cards for participants at Employment Counselling organizations can use to send out after interviews.
81.  Donate interview appropriate clothing to Employment Counselling organizations
82.  Donate school supplies to students in need
83.  Help out with breakfast programs at schools
84.  Be someone's cheerleader
85.  A smile really can make all the difference
86.  Laughter is the best medicine
87.  Say thank you.  Everyone needs to feel appreciated.
88.  Cook food that can be frozen for someone going through chemo or has recently been hospitalized.  They might not have the energy to prepare their own meals.
90.  Sew and prepare personal care kits for the homeless
91.  Don't gossip, words can hurt or heal.  Make the right choice.
92.  Read to a child

Be Kind to our Furry and Feathered Friends

93.  Don't let your cat run unattended through the neighbour, at the very least put a bell on them so the neighbourhood birds have a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
94.  Pick up some cat or dog food to add to the food drive boxes
95.  Volunteer at an animal shelter
96.  Sew blankets for the local animal shelter
97.  Sew pet toys for the local animal shelter
98.  Offer to look after a neighbour's dog if they're in the hospital or out of town.
99.  Don't feed bread to the birds at a duck pond
100.  Admire a seeing eye dog from a respectable distance, they are doing an important job!  You can show your admiration through this organization.

Or just be kind your own way.  Happy National Acts of Kindness Day!  

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