Saturday, 31 March 2018

March in Review...


There has been sewing! I finally finished that shirtdress, sewed the cutest little jeans for a wee little cutie to grow into, a little baby onesie (unblogged but just like these ones except it has a little animal patch on the front), and a navy skirt. It felt great to get back to sewing. I even added pockets to a dress I made Mama R over six months ago. My sewing mojo took a hit for a while and then a tore ligament in my knee certainly slowed me down. I'm happy to report my knee is healing very well and the sewing desire is back and strong.  

It's Easter weekend and it is the time that I usually wrap up a Lenten Sewing project. But this year, I didn't get around to doing any charity sewing projects. I just didn't have the energy to tackle one this year. Maybe later in the year. 

Easter bonnet {source}

I didn't even made an Easter outfit or a festive egg carton Easter bonnet. I'm boring this year. 

RTW & Fabric Fasts

I am happy to report after that slip last month that I haven't added any fabric to the stash. It might be because I was less mobile this month. Instead, I've been admiring what the ladies, who attended Sew Camp this month, added to their stashes. There was a lovely paisley added to a couple of stashes that reminded me that I have a gray and black paisley sateen I've been meaning to use.

I did make it to the fabric store for some thread. The clerk asked if I had a membership and was shocked when I replied that I don't because I spend too much when I have one. The lady next to me laughed but I wasn't joking.

The only thing magical about the local chain fabric store are those membership cards and how they can empty one's wallet.

Coming Up Next!  

Now that the sewing mojo has returned, there are plans. This weekend I'm working on Simplicity 8229.

I have nineteen pairs cut and pieced together just waiting for the elastics to be sewn.

And then I plan to work on this pattern. I purchased and printed it two years ago. I could use some shirts for work and hopefully it will fit without too many alterations.

That's all I have planned for now.  How about you?  Are you done with winter sewing and moving onto spring / summer projects?

Happy Easter and Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow, love the shirt pattern. I might just explore that one.

  2. Glad you're on the mend and back sewing! 19 pair?!! What sort of fabric do you use??

    I love that shirt pattern.

  3. Your plans are inspiring-and the 19 pairs?! Every color of the rainbow!!


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