Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday's Mending Pile

Today's item is not actually a mending project, it's actually more of an addition. I made this dress for Mama R last year and ever since she has been asking me for pockets. I should know better than to  deliver to her a dress without pockets but that's what I did.  

And she waited.  

I actually did try to sew pockets back when I made it, everything was going well until...

I made a mistake clipping the corners. And then I gave up and moved onto other projects. I made up for that today.  

The first set of pockets that I tried to make were with polyester lining fabric. But these pockets are lined with leftover silk fabric from this project.  They feel sublime and best part is that Mom is happy.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. Yay for giving your Mom her pockets!

  2. How could you have even THOUGHT of no pockets?! haha. You are a sewing saint.

    1. Oh my not, I'm worthy of that compliment. [holding head in shame] I made the dress in back in August.


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