Saturday, 27 May 2017

In Sewing News Today...

I have a new book that I'm excited about reading, The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser. I do believe that it will compete with my sewing time when I have some free time. 

I found it mentioned in the new Vogue Pattern magazine but had a hard time to find it. Would you believe it was in the Religion section even though the description reads more like a historical fiction? I guess I'll discover what that's all about once I finish this read.  

✄ ✄ ✄

This month Pattern Review currently is running "The Upcycle Contest" and earlier this month it had me thinking about the collection of old men's wool suit jackets that I have hanging in a closet. I picked them up at a second hand store awhile back and to make bags and backpacks for the Etsy shop. I stopped because they weren't selling as I hoped and didn't cover the cost of materials after adding all the hardware and interfacing to the cost. But this contest had me thinking about a photo I came across on National Tweed Day.   

Vivienne Westwood tweed jacket.

Now, I'm thinking about making my own version of a colour-blocked tweed Vivienne Westwood inspired jacket and using up those left-over suit jackets. In my pattern collection I came across OOP Burda Style 7304. I made the coat version a couple of years ago. Sadly, I cut the pattern pieces and to be honest, the coat fits a little snug and I typically wear it open. I was lucky enough to find another uncut copy of this pattern.  

It is on it's way and even though it won't make it in time to be sewn up and entered in the contest it won't stop my creative juices from wanting to get to work on it when it gets here. I like how this jacket is cut and think it would work with colour-blocking various tweed fabrics. This will be on my want-to-sew summer list, maybe I'll have it done in time for autumn.  

✄ ✄ ✄

The Etsy shop now has fabric up for sale. I'm letting go of some of my treasured fabric and hope that these pieces will find a good home where they'll be made into fabulous garments and bring joy the artist that works with them. Times are tough when it comes to letting go of my sewing supplies.  

I have 2.6 metres of this knit fabric for sale.  It is so soft to the touch and I used this fabric to make McCall's 7541. There is enough fabric to make another version of the cape top.  If you purchase all of the 2.6 metres length and leave me a comment that you read about it on the blog along with your fabric order, I'll even throw in the pattern. The pattern has been cut to a size 14.  

Here is a lovely polyester that I picked up to use as a lining fabric. It would be great for clothing as well, perhaps a dress or top.  It is 115 cm wide and there is a total of 4.1 metres.

This is a light-weight, semi-sheer cotton that would be perfect for a summer dress or top. Or maybe a nightshirt or pyjamas? It is also 115 cm wide and there's 4.4 metres of this fabric.  

Stay tuned for more fabrics to appear in the shop.  

Until then, happy sewing!  

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  1. Haven't read The Pattern Artist; was put off by the 'religious' designation. Let us know what you think of it. Love the color blocked tweed jacket idea and can't wait to see what you do with that!


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