Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Vogue 9057 Tee

The Me-Made-May pledge that I made this year is all about wardrobe management. Do you ever stand in front of an open drawer trying to find a tee-shirt that fits and after trying on a few it leaves you feeling blah? Well, this describes me because I hold onto things way too long.  

Exhibit A:  

This is a ready-to-wear item that is almost a decade old. I had a different body a decade ago. But I held onto it for several reasons. I really like the pin-tucking and often dreamed that I will one day return to my old body shape. [Insert denial here.] And the quality of the cotton fabric was another factor that kept me holding onto this Jones New York tee-shirt. You don't find cotton tee-shirts like this in the stores now-a-days. Sadly, it's time to let it go and replace it with another tee that doesn't make me feel like I need to wear spanx and stop eating food.
Vogue 9057 has been in my pattern stash for quite some time, not as long as the tee-shirt above but long enough that I'm wondering what took me so long to make this one. Especially since it's a Marcy Tilton design. 

Vogue 9057 was rated best pattern for two years in a row, 2015 and 2016 over at PatternReview. It was there that I stumbled across Linda's version where she "flared the seam at the hip by an inch on each side." I did the same to my version but I didn't get the same flared effect that Linda achieved. But I did thankfully get a tee shirt that fits. 

I cut this as a size medium (plus the side flare) and across the bust it is a perfect fit. I'm really glad that I added the extra width to the hip / mid-section because I wouldn't have been happy with it being fitted there. The sleeves were not shortened and they fall as full-length sleeves on me (they appear shorter on the pattern envelope model's arm). The length was shortened and the hi-low hemline as straightened. The neckline is a little wide, I think on the next version I take in the neckline a bit and flare out the lower part a wee bit more. Otherwise, I'm happy with this one. I think I'm ready to cut into my cotton knit fabrics. The fabric I used for this test version is a polyester knit remnant left over from this project

The Stats:  

Fabric:  1.4 metres

Fusible Tape:  1.86 metres Knit-N-Stitch

Pattern:  Vogue 9057

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, ruler, scissors, tailor's chalk, sewing machine, serger, threads for the machines, iron, ironing board, thread clippers, and coffee. 

Happy Sewing!  

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