Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It just makes you say ahhhh

I have the pleasure to work with little wee angels in an elementary school and I have to tell you they drain me of my energy and fill me with me with things that make me smile and say ahhhh.

Guess what one of those little wee angels told me. That she sews! How cute is that?

And I was blown away considering how so many adults that I know do not know how to sew or even have the desire to learn. And for a fleeting moment in time I felt like the generational gap closed a bit.

When she told me that she sews and showed me the (super cute) little purse she made, one of her classmates added that she also sews. Oh my goodness, it was like music that filled my ears.

It totally made my day.

Happy Sewing!  

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