Friday, 31 May 2019

May in Review

Sewing wise, May was all about tops.  

I did end up finishing up a project, the flannel pajama top, I cut out approximately six months ago and then some items that have been on my want-to-make list.  Basic pieces, nothing fancy compared to other sewing blogs highlighting all the prom, formal and wedding wear this month.  My life is not that fancy.  

Me-Made-May 2019

Another year of Me-Made-May activities have come to an end.   I started the month with taking flat-lay photos and reflecting on my fabric choices.  And even though I stopped taking photos half way through, I made a few observations.  
  1. Taking me-made photos every day can get quite tiresome.  
  2. Especially if there are outfit changes.  
  3. Or coffee stains after getting dressed.  
  4. I prefer natural fabrics like wool, silk, cotton and linen.  
  5. Sometimes man-made fibres enter my wardrobe but they are not the fabrics that I find most comfortable or that they make me feel amazing wearing them.  Sadly, they creep into fabrics as blends.   
  6. It didn't feel like I was wearing newer makes.  
  7. I then realized that over the past year more than fifty percent of the garments I made were gifted to others.  
  8. My sewing behaviour has changed in that I seem to find mending more rewarding than I did in the past. 
  9. Say what?  
  10. Yup, I said it.  Perhaps, it's the realization that good quality fabrics are becoming harder to come by? 
  11. I kept my fabric shopping hobby addiction under control.  
  12. Could be that I haven't been able to find natural fibre fabrics that have sparked overwhelming joy?  
  13. Or that I can't get over the $50+ / metre price tag of 100% linen.  
  14. That's Canadian dollars.  
  15. Yikes!   
In the end, Me-Made-May emphasized that I wear me-made items everyday in some form or another and that at least 50% of my clothing choices fall under this category. 

What's Next?  

I'm thinking about stitching up some shirtdresses.  

And this vintage Betty Jackson shirtdress came into the collection as well.  

First, I need to get this project done.  It's all cut out and ready to sew.  

I still haven't got around to sewing a pair of jeans that I've been talking about sewing.  I don't see that happening this month.  Instead, I have plans for more gift sewing and I would really like to sew a sleeve cover for my laptop.  It all seems so ambitious.  Time will tell how much I actually get done.  How about you, any upcoming sewing plans?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. If you'd like to buy some linen fabric that's not $50/meter, try or
    Watch out for the linen/cotton fabric from Fabricville, though. I bought a piece and cannot, for the life of me, get it to soften up. Last year, I bought a buy one/get two free piece of linen from Fabricville and it's so incredibly soft. Wish I'd bought more.

    1. Thank you for sharing these resources. I have my eye on the terracotta linen over at Thank you!


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