Tuesday, 9 May 2017

In Sewing New Today...

McCall's released the summer line of sewing patterns last night and OH MY! I just had a flash-back to the nineties.  

Exhibit #1:  McCall's 7606

Yes, the bodysuit is back. I'm not making fun of this style because there was one of these (maybe two) in my closet, back in the day. I used to wear my RTW off-the-shoulder bodysuit underneath my OOP McCall's 5640 Jumper. 


I remember I tucked under the shoulder of the jumper to get the full effect of the off-the-shoulder body suit look but it was a favourite oh-so-long-a-go. Oh what a trip! It seems like a life-time ago. It was a life-time ago! McCall's 7606 is a much-improved version of the 1990s bodysuit because it doesn't have those crotch snaps that can present some issues

Exhibit #2:  The Jumpsuit
Okay, jumpsuits did not originate in the nineties but they were certainly popular back then. And McCall's 7609 captures two trends in one look. Check out the illustration of version A, the floral romper totally screams the 1990s!

McCall's 7607 is another 1990s reincarnation of the jumpsuit / romper with a wider leg.  

Laura Tyler 1990's wide legged jumpsuit
But wait!  There is more... 

Yes, McCall's 7598, another jumpsuit built for the leisure wear set. Mind you this one screams pyjamas to me.  


But my 1990s jumpsuit love is for an OOP McCall's 6437 with the empire waist and fitted bodice. I've been searching for this pattern in my current size for years. It was a favourite make back-in-the-day. It would be wonderful if McCall's would re-release this NY Collection pattern but it looks like I might have to wait a few more decades before it is considered Archive Collection worthy.  

Exhibit #3:  The Casual Vibe

McCall's 7603 takes me back to the music festival scene of the 1990s where it was all about easy to wear long dresses, prints and look, plaid!  

McCall's 7604 is another garment seen on 1990s music festival scene with a nod to the seventies as well.  

McCall's 7610 is the pattern that I have on my sewing wish-list not so much for the fitted pants or the shorts. I really like view D the hooded top with the back detailing. But then I have enough exercise wear to keep me going.   

So, what did you think about the new summer release?  Any patterns making your want-list, or was the release all about nostalgia?  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Nothing for me in the summer McCall's release, but I like the round basket-like dog bed.


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