Monday, 26 December 2016

Favourite Makes List: 2016 Edition

Hello lovely people! I hope that all of you who celebrate this time of year were blessed with the love of family and friends while making great memories. No sewing this Christmas weekend, just a look back at some of my favourite makes in 2016.   

#1:  That Red Cape

The red cape became a combination of out-of-print, vintage Simplicity 6680 and Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8863. It is a fav because it was challenge (bound buttonholes and tailoring techniques) and there was such a sense of accomplishment that went with finishing this project.

#2:  Those oh-so-comfortable Dresses!

Vogue 1410 has to be one of my favourite patterns and it was a go-to-pattern through-out the year. I do believe I have four versions of this pattern in my wardrobe and I wear every single one of them. My favourite is the blue floral print one.  

#3.  The Statement Piece

I made this piece from old clothing labels. This year I will be finishing up my third year on a ready-to-wear fast and I have to tell you that it is getting easier to rely on my own ability than spending time sifting through racks of clothing at a store. This piece reminds me of the political and social reasons why I sew and how the fashion industry has changed and is impacting our environment.  

#4.  The Perfect Peplum

After so many failed peplum top attempts over the past few years this winning peplum make had to make it to the list. Vogue 9056 quickly became a treasured pattern.   

#5.  Up-cycled Leather Jacket

Burda 7183 transformed a vintage leather shirt into one of my favourite statement pieces.   

#6.  The Silk Top

This silk fabric was a home decor find and perfect match for Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5891. It makes the favourite list based on the comfort level and the fact that it has pockets. 

#7.  A Top for Mom

This would be my favourite top that I've made for my Mom this year although the silk one was a close second. I like the texture of the crepe, its medium weight and that print. It was made up with out-of-print Butterick 5561.  

#8.  The Cotton Tweed Jumper

This year Lida Baday announced that she would be closing up her design business. I may not be purchasing ready-to-wear clothing as I continued on the RTW fast, but it is sad to hear that a designer who continues to produce quality garments is closing up shop. Luckily, I have a few of her patterns in my collection and I consider her pieces to be timeless. 

#9.  The Winter Coat

You didn't think I was going to end the list without mentioning a Marcy Tilton pattern, did you? Yes, one of her designs made it onto my fav-list. And who would have thought that it would have been for a winter coat. Heck, who would have thought that I would finally make a winter coat? Certainly not I! I'm thrilled with Vogue 8934.  

#10.  Pants for Mom

Making pants for my Mom has to be the most rewarding project that gave me the most joy this year. It is tough for Mom to find a pair of pants that fit. She's a petite woman and lets be serious here for a moment, the selection for elderly people is awful. Its impossible to find something that is comfortable, easy to access and made in quality fabric. Why? I'm happy she finally let me try to make her pants and we're both thrilled that we discovered that we were sitting on a pattern that was perfect, Simplicity 2372.  

So there you have it, my 2016 favourite sewing list. There is more, stay tune for my 2016 blooper list.  

Until then, happy sewing!  

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