Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Look What I Found!

I've been impatiently waiting for the new Fall McCall's patterns to arrive in the city because I have been dying to get my hands on McCall's 7259

Burberry Coliette Cape / Lightweight Wrap

I've been inspired by all the wraps and capes that have been appearing in the retail landscape this season. When it is chilly at work, I often wish I had a blanket wrap to throw over my shoulders or as outwear on top of a denim jacket on those cool autumn days. Those autumn days are around the corner. But I digress... Thankfully, my RTW fast pledge is safe as I'm not tempted to pick one up, as all of the ones I've come across in the retail arena have acrylic list on their labels. And I'm not a fan of how acrylic wears and pills. And I wouldn't forgive myself for purchasing something I could have made quite easily. I could just finish off a big rectangular shape to make it easy.    

Or I could use a pattern. And you'll never guess what I found in my pattern stash.  

Yes, I had a pattern for cape sitting in my stash. Right under my nose! 

And I have some wool houndstooth fabric that would be prefect for this project. Now, I don't need to add McCall's 7259 to my collection, even though I think it is a lovely cape with its vintage vibe. OOP McCall's 2485 (circa 1999) will work out just fine for this project. I can't wait to get busy on this one.   

Happy Sewing!  


  1. This is something I should do too as my work is always freezing. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Nice! Are you going to use a pattern? If so which one? I love the McCall's Archive Collection cape but I'm going to cut and hopefully sew this weekend this one.


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