Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Winter / Holiday Vogue Are Here!

Best day ever.

Today is the first day of my favourite season and the new Vogue are released. What more can a gal want?

There are some interesting designs in this release.

This one, Vogue 1472, caught my eye right away. This does not say winter to me at all. Zandra Rhodes must be designing for the ladies who spends their winters soaking up the Florida sun or perhaps on a cruise ship because crop tops and strappy sandals do not say prairie winter. Sew moving along... 

My favourite part of the Winter / Holiday collection would have to be these shoes shown with the new Marcy Tilton pattern. I do like the pattern, Vogue 9161, as well but I don't need another skirt and top pattern.  

There is another Kathryn Brenne pattern that I quite like. Vogue 9162 consists of patterns for a jacket, shirt and pants and it looks so comfortable. Now this look would work for a Canadian winter. But I don't need this either.   

Here is another pattern, Vogue 9153, that caught my eye. Love this fabric! The pattern reminds me of the Marcy Tilton pattern previously mentioned, Vogue 9161 with that pocket and those darts. And again I don't need another funky jacket.  

I seem to notice a lot a dropped shoulders in this release. Its not a good look on me, it tends to make me look like I'm drowning in my clothes. So, even though there are a few things that I do like, I'm going to pass on this Winter / Holiday collection which is a good thing since I already have more than I can keep up with in the sewing room.  

How about you, were there any patterns that you're tempted by?  

Happy Sewing!  



  1. In the last 3 photos you have I see huge vertical drag lines pointing to the bust where more ease and front length should be added. Then I think, Lordie of these skinny models have drag lines...what happens on a real body? No thank you, I prefer my patterns to have real darts or princess lines for better fit. This latest bunch were not all bad and it will be interesting to see if any get high marks for great fit and ease of sewing...always worth waiting for!

  2. The patterns that caught your eye also caught mine.

    God bless.

  3. I'm interested in 9159 (the tunic is just different enough from what I've already got - not a big fan of boot cut pants, though).
    I also like 9154 (full skirt with hip yoke), but I suspect lots of people already have a TNT like that. If I buy that one I can't see needing another pattern like it for a good long while...

  4. I love the Brenne ensemble but I don't think I want to make it or wear it.

  5. Love the Sandra Betzina dress with the twist. I will pair it with leggings for winter, and throw on a sweater. Ah, Arizona winters :-)


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