Saturday, 12 September 2015

In Sewing News Today... (More Capes!, Fabric Suggestions and Sewing Bee)

I'm waiting for the big announcement of who is advancing onto Round 2 of the Sewing Bee over at Pattern Review. I'm not expecting to advance on the the next round. Heck, I was amazed that I actually finished a fitted shirt in time. Sometimes, I amaze myself.  

Talking about amazing, have you seen the new fall Marfy patterns? I'm scared to try one of these since they are single-sized patterns geared to the expert sewer who doesn't need instructions. I'm a multi-sized gal who is a life-learner seeking out new sewing skills and am not shy to admit that I like reading instructions. And I like to look at what new patterns are coming out.  

Marfy Cape 3757

I thought this was a cute pattern for a cape (yes, I still have capes on my brain) but with that zipped up front and collar it would be perfect for blocking a chilly wind.  

Marfy Vest 3795

And this vest also caught my eye along with the fabric suggests for these two patterns. Vicuna! They list vicuna as a suggested fabric. Did you read The Coat Route?  

Vicuna is the fabric used to make the coat mentioned in this book. Until I read this book, I never heard of this silky soft wool found in back rooms of luxury tailor shops. Nor, have I ever, knowingly, stood within close proximity of such fabric. So you can imagine my surprise when I read it as a suggested fabric. Now, I really think Marfy patterns are out of this prairie gal's league! I'm not that glamourous.   

More my league is OOP New Look 6107.  

I really could use some more gym wear. I'm lacking in the comfortable top department. And looking through my pattern collection, I came across this pattern, in my current size. Bonus! I believe there is some white light-weight sweatshirt fleece in the fabric stash that will work out (sorry, bad pun) for this project.  

I don't know when I'm going to get around to this project since at night I've been sporting (oh boy, I'm just full of bad puns) this fashion accessory again. The tendonitis is acting up again. It has been recommended that I take a break from sewing or computer work at half hour intervals. Yeah, right. I would never get any work done and once you get started on a project, well... would you be able to stop every thirty-minutes or would you push through?  

Hopefully, it will be all rested if up I make it on to round 2.  

Well, that is all in sewing news... 

Happy Sewing!  

UPDATE:  The winners of round one and the contestants moving on to round two are up. Congratulations to all! I didn't make it to round two but I feel like a winner because the Sewing Bee forced a procrastinator (me) to get that fitted shirt off my sewing table within a week. Woohoo! Are you following the Sewing Bee? I can't wait to see what round two has in store.  


  1. I was curious about the Marfy collection, great information. There were a few dresses I thought were very interesting. But I may wait.......
    I hope you are back to sewing full time, but take care of yourself.
    Bonnie @

  2. Oh boooo! I thought you'd make it forward Graca. Oh, no worries...hopefully you love wearing your new top.

    That cape is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tendonitis too and knew I'd pushed myself too far cutting out that Minoru jacket this weekend. I was going to try to start some knitting but I'd better not. Get better - soon!


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