Sunday, 13 September 2015

It's A Wrap! Or Is It A Cape?

Stash-busting 2015:  McCall's Fashion Accessory

If you have been visiting the blog lately, you know that I've been inspiration shopping and am all over the cape trend this season. Well, I finally have a cape.

Or is it a wrap? It feels like a wrap but the pattern lists this as a cape.  Tomato, tomatoe.

The Pattern:

This cape is made with OOP McCall's 2485. I completely forgot that I had this pattern in my stash, circa 1999, until I stumble across it earlier this week. It consists of one pattern piece. 

It couldn't be easier except I had to take care of pinning and cutting this out as my fabric hung over the edge of my cutting table. Sewing wise it just called for a roll hem. The pattern is designed for Polar Fleece® and it is the only fabric suggestion listed which makes one wonder, do you really need to do a roll hem on Polar Fleece®?

The Fabric:

I didn't use the recommended fabric. Instead, I used a houndstooth suiting fabric that I picked up at Northwest Fabrics about two years ago. My fabric frayed like no-body's business so I serged the edges before moving onto the rolled hem.

I did not pre-treat my fabric before cutting out this project and I'm okay if it shrinks a bit because it sits at a longer length on my five-foot frame than it does on the model. Although, I do like the longer length--it makes it stand out from the RTW versions I've seen in the stores.  

The Stats:

Fabric:   2.10 metres $21.33 ($8.99 + taxes)

Pattern:  OOP McCall's 2485 $10.12 ($11.95 - 25% off + taxes)

Thread:  $2.00 (averaged out cost for serger and sewing machine)

Time:    Weeks deciding on this pattern, about an hour to press the pattern and cut the fabric, and another hour at the sewing machine.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. I need to schedule some parade viewing, apple picking, some sort of outdoor activity to warrant A fab cape. Crossing the work parking lot is not cape worthy!?

  2. Love your cape or wrap. The houndstooth fabric was the perfect choice.

    God bless.


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