Friday, 28 November 2014

My 10 Essentials for Productive Sewing

1.  A reliable sewing machine.

2.  A good great pair of scissors

3.  Chai latte breaks

4.  A good work table

5.  Good tunes

6.  Necessary tools

7.  Wrist pincushion

8.  Free time

9.  Inspiration found from a variety of sources (nature, art galleries, the opera, people watching, blog reading, literature)

10.  Good lighting

What are your essentials for productive sewing?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Energy - I start to run out of batteries by around 8 pm. So I can't sew into the night.

    Lighting! My Ginghers! My computer or phone! My iron!!! :)

  2. A good ironing area, TCM, lighting and a sedative for the dachshunds!

  3. Time and quiet. I think it is because I spend my work day with 11 and 12 year olds. Everything ready to go. I don't have a sewing space so setting up is something that can be annoying. The right thread....

  4. 1. Good lighting, I have three lamps on my sewing desk. 2. A good nights sleep. 3. Something on TV, I can't sew without something to watch/listen to, it's just impossible. 4. inspiration.


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