Tuesday, 11 November 2014

This Skirt Makes Me Happy!

Stash-busting 2014:  Marcy Tilton Skirt

Fabric:   1.9 metres of cotton knit

Pattern:   Vogue 9060

Oh my, I love how comfortable this skirt is and how easy it was to sew!

The fabric is a recent addition to the stash that I found at Fabricland in a bin as cut pieces. I'm so glad that there was enough for this skirt. It is a textured cotton knit. Recently, there has been 50% off sales and I was able to whip this skirt up at a bargain price. 

The pattern, Vogue 9060, is a newly released Marcy Tilton pattern from their Holiday/Winter line. And get this, 
Skirt can be worn front to back and back to front.  
Goodness, I love that description! And did I mention that it is comfortable? Oh so comfortable. The waistband is cut smaller than the skirt opening and there is no elastic. It has a fold over waistband in two different widths but I even went with a smaller width and have a 1" wide waistband. The pattern recommends using a waistband fabric that has a good recovery. And I find this is sufficient. Unless, I loose some weight I don't see any need for an elastic in the casing.  

Along with the changes to the waistband I also omitted the topstitching. 

I might have to make myself another one of these skirts. I like it that much.  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. I really love this on you-and the floral fabric adds the right feel to the shape of the skirt.

    1. Thanks, I'm most happy with the floral knit, I feared that I wouldn't have enough but I'm so glad I did. And the skirt is so comfortable to wear.


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