Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pleated Neckline Top

Stash-busting 2014:  Simplicity 2372

Fabric:           1 metre of satin back crepe

Interfacing:    0.10 metres

This top is for Mama R. She wanted a top to go with her suit. This fabric has been in my stash for a very long time, to be completely honest I can't remember when I picked it up or what possessed me to pick something up in pink. It must have been a really great sale? I was actually thinking about using it for lining in a Chanel-esque style jacket for myself but Mama R almost fainted at the thought and argued that it was much too nice to be used for lining. So, this piece of fabric became a top for Mama R.  

It is all good since pink, as you may already know, is not my go-to colour and if she likes it and it's stash-busted which makes it a win-win situation. Everything I used for this top was found in my stash which lately has grown out of control. I'm not doing so well on the stash-busting journey this year. But I digress...

The pattern is Mama R's go-to, all-time-favourite pattern, Simplicity 2372. This is the first top we made from this pattern. A few changes to the original design. It was shortened so that it sat about a half inch shorter than her jacket. The sleeves have been lengthened by five inches. The centre front and centre back seams have been removed and were cut on the fold. Mama R is thrilled with this top. She likes the loose fit and the pleated neckline detail. There is already another order for one in black wool crepe a few inches longer. I wonder if she'll ever get tired of this pattern?  

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Well done out of a metre! It's a great colour for the right person. Yay for stashbusting!

  2. I like it! Especially how flat the pleats are- no bulky business!

  3. Thanks! I am just about to cut out another one for Mama R.


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