Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sewing Kits

I made this sewing kits using the measurements and directions for the "Charming Needlecase" found in Sew Retro:  A Stylish History of The Sewing Revolution by Judi Ketteler.  

Ketteler wrote that needlecases were popular in the nineteenth century to protect sewing needles "from rust and dullness."  I wanted to make sewing kits so that I can give each student something to keep their supplies in while they work on their sewing project.  

The main fabric was gifted to me by our now-retired church pastor. For the batting material, required in the centre, I used fleece fabric instead. I have quite a bit of fleece left over from my-niece-and-nephew-polar-fleece-making-days, making this a perfect stash-busting project.

For the felt needle holding section, I used left-over fabric from my cream coloured jacket. The ribbon were also stash busted.  

I hope the students like them, a couple more weeks before they are revealed at the Sewing Club. They will hold sewing needles and pins on the felt section. There is a pocket that can hold small scissors and a seam ripper. And I will throw in there a small bandage, just in case the kids are anything like me when it comes to hand sewing.

Well, one down, thirteen more to go! I have all the fronts embroidered. Everything is cut and pinked so it is just stitching them together. It should take no time to whip these together now that all the cutting is done.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Very nice. I am sure the students will treasure them.

    God bless.


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