Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Filling the Holes in My Winter Wardrobe

Today marks the official start of autumn. I love everything about this time of year, the crisp morning air, gorgeously breathtaking autumn colours, warm afternoon sunshine and a wardrobe change.

Magic Autumn Colors by Artsaus
Mind you I'm wearing this dress since it is supposed to hit plus twenty-seven. Despite the summer like weather I thought it would be fitting to take a look the holes in my wardrobe or otherwise known as The Tim Gunn Challenge:  Autumn / Winter Edition. It looks like there are a few things I need to make. And of course there are several wants.  

The Trench Take-the-Chill-Off Coat(s)

I made the cream coloured jacket this summer but I have yet to attach the button or perhaps a snap. Until then, I've been wearing it without a closure. It is perfect for those cool autumn mornings. But I will have to put it away when the snow appears and things get down-right cold.  

For those cold days ahead, a winter coat is on the table again but this time I will be using this vintage vogue pattern.

I have all the fabric picked out but before I cut out my winter coat fabric I have it cut out in a red sateen that will hopefully turn into a wearable muslin for the spring.  

The Little Black Dress

I don't need to another black dress but there is another black dress on the sewing table for Mama R.  

The Classic White Shirt

This item is also covered with with my french cuffed McCall's 8943.  

Classic Dress Pants

I have this department covered with six pairs of dress pants thanks to Vogue 1325.

A Perfect Pair of Jeans  

A perfect pair of jeans is something that I do not have in my wardrobe and to be completely honest I have no desire to fill this void because I don't see that I would get a lot of wear from jeans. I can't wear denim to work. And I rarely wear it during my personal time unless I'm shovelling snow or doing yard work.    

A Day Dress

I don't need to make another day dress but I do have a blue and black brushed cotton plaid fabric that I have been saving for an autumn / winter style day dress. I'm just waiting for the perfect pattern. Until then, I do believe this department is also covered.

An Occasion Top

This item is covered with the silk Centre of Pattern Design Spiral Top.

A Nice Skirt 

I made up this skirt pattern in a cotton animal print and love the fit. The plan is to make this up in a black cotton that I have in my stash.  

The Right Jacket

I had a Chanel-esque styled jacket on my wish list since the beginning of the year. And since then this pattern appeared on the scene and it has petite sizing.

I would really like to find some time and try to knock off this project before the end of the year.

Sweatsuit Alternative Sweater

I'm not a sweatsuit or yoga pants wearing (in public rather than exercise) gal so I think I don't have to worry about this item either. I wouldn't mind sewing up a turtleneck style sweater though. It can get chilly in these parts over the winter and I'm sure I will get lots of use of it. I have Burda 6990 in mind for this project.  

So that is it, just three items that I need to fill the holes in my winter wardrobe and a couple of wants. Now, if only my sewing mojo would re-appear I could get working on these. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. And also love the cream coat for Fall. Lovely drape.

  2. Love the winter coat pattern you chose! Classic and wonderfully chic.

    1. Thanks, I had my eye on it for quite some time.

  3. I picked up that Burda pattern at the last sale and am pretty excited to sew a couple of those up!

    What pattern is the white coat?? I love it! I'm thinking it's a vogue because I remember you sewing it and auditioning buttons for it

    1. I am pretty excited to sew up a couple sweaters myself. I just have to check out the knits in my stash. The white coat is Vogue 1263. I still haven't sewn the button on, I think I'll go with the rectangular shaped one and take to the local alteration place and see if they can help me out with the buttonhole issue since the automatic buttonhole feature on my Janome won't make a buttonhole that large.


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