Friday, 5 September 2014

One Last Pair of Pants

Stash busting 2014:  Vogue 1325 Wool Pants

Fabric:  2.1 metres of 100% British wool
             0.1 metre of fusible interfacing

Zipper:  7" regular zipper

Snap:     1 set of metal pant hooks.

Thread:  I finished off another spool of thread during this project.

These pants are my latest version of Vogue 1325. This is number six and I think I'm all set in the pants department.  

I'm quite smitten over this pattern with the raised waistline, front pockets and wide legs that can easily hide the knee brace. They are a conservative style that it will keep the workplace bosses happy too. What is not to love about this pattern. I would highly recommend this pattern without hesitation.  

That said, after six pairs of these in my closet, I do believe it is time to retire this pattern. But I will keep the pattern in my collection. You never know when another pair is needed. Do you have a favourite tried and true pants pattern that you love to sew?  

The fabric is a medium weight British wool that I picked up for 70% off at Fabricland earlier this summer. You can't find pants like these in RTW for how much it cost to make. Gotta love it when that happens! The zipper was a rescue from a other garment that was destined for the donate pile. The pant hooks were busted from my notion stash. And the thread was whatever I found in my stash that was a close match. I don't sew a lot of taupe / beige coloured projects so I wasn't keen on adding anymore thread just to match it perfectly. I was able to polish off a partially used spool of thread. Yeah, stash busting!   

Happy Sewing!  

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