Saturday, 5 October 2013

Belt Loops

I finally got behind the sewing peddle. It has been awhile.

No major sewing project but I did return to one that needed to be tweaked. Remember the red denim pants I made using Vogue 1325? I made them without belt loops. And I've regretted that decision for a few weeks now.

Out of the three versions I have made using this pattern, I only thought to add the belt loops to the last pair I made. But I quickly changed my mind when I realized that it would take years to turn over the carriers without the aid of a loop turner.

I'm sure I have one of those in my stash but don't ask me where. Sew, I did the next best thing. I made the belt loops wider. Instead of sewing them according to the pattern instructions, with a narrow seam allowance and turning them I just serged the edge. I then folded the finished edges over and top-stitched in place.     

Walking Foot
The challenge was sewing through all the thickness of the denim. I was fearful that the needle was going to break as my machine growled in protest at certain points.  

Despite the challenge and with the aid of the walking foot and jean-a-ma-jig, I think they turned out okay.

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