Sunday, 2 June 2013

Loathsome or Lustful? Leggings

In this weekend's Globe and Mail Russell Smith answers a question from a reader:
Is it true that men in the big cities are starting to wear tights and leggings? If so, is there anything we can do to stop them?
Everyone is a critic lately. I really don't find the look all that shocking, to me it just looks like another reincarnation of a skinny jean.  

Apparently, there are several terms used to describe this fashion trend. Meggings, aka man leggings, are described to be made of a thicker fabric and footless. They are meant to be worn out in public.

Here in Canada we call this footless tight-fitting knit fabric garment by a more manly-man term, long-johns.

It was only a matter of time that these traditionally unseen fashion staple were repackaged for an outer appearance. Seriously, is it really a surprise considering that pajama bottoms, sweat pants and yoga pants have become part of our Canadian suburban landscape in recent years?

I think not.

Would I want my dream man to wear a pair of these? To be completely honest, he could wear whatever he wants as long as he irons. (I'm not as picky as I was in my youth.)

I wouldn't even blink if he wore mantyhose.

As long as he helps out with ironing, he can wear whatever he likes.

I just have one question, if a man wears mantyhose, do you think he should shave his legs?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Mantyhose demands shaven legs, I think. Eeeeuuwww, can you imagine the hairs poking through it? Funnily enough I was wondering the legging vs. pants question today - I'd never heard of them on men, but given that they're not so flattering on women, I'm going to say no for men as well!

  2. I wouldn't mind if my man happens to be a rock star.


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