Saturday, 17 November 2012

Teal Traina Dress

This lovely pattern showed up in the mailbox on Friday just to cheer me up after a really bad week. For a brief moment, it was lined up as my weekend next project.

There is no way that I can get this one done in a weekend. I wish!

Now, I'm wondering if I picked a pattern that is out of my league?

Confession time.  In all my years of sewing,
  1. I have never made bound buttonholes.  
  2. I have never underlined a garment.  
And my research into Teal Traina revealed that a Teal Traina garment was known as a quality garment with couture details.

Of course, I discovered this after I purchased the pattern. And now, it would be just wrong if I tried to cut corners with this beautiful pattern. What is a gal to do? The only thing that I can do, I guess. Have someone else sew it for me.

I'm kidding. I'm going to take the plunge and learn something new, bound buttonholes and the mysteries of underlining. I'm also going to put off this project until Christmas break when I will have more time to focus on the time-consuming details that make this dress so special.

I did open up the pattern and give it a good pressing. The pieces have been cut with pinking shears! The etsy shop seller did mention it in the advertisement but I have to admit I was a wee bit shocked when I discovered that it was actually true.

The extension for the pocket were cut off on the skirt front pieces. But with the help of the instruction illustrations it shouldn't be too much trouble to fix.

Other than a few small tears here in there the pattern pieces are in fairly good shape. I think that I will copy this pattern since it is a lovely one that I would like to hold on to.

I think I also found my fabric for this dress. It is a crepe fabric and even though it appears as a blue/teal colour, it is more on the green side. Sorry, it is a bad photo.

A trip to Mitchell Fabrics might be in order to pick up silk organza for the underlining fabric. And I will for sure use a non-fusible interfacing.

This project will involve much more hand-stitching than I typically put into my garments but I think it will be worth the work.

Thirty-three more sleeps until Christmas break and the start of this project.

Now, I should get back to clearing off my sewing table with the projects that I've already started and have cut out and ready to go.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Thats exactly what I expect from you- a quality garment with couture details. This is going to be lovely!


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