Thursday, 10 May 2012

In Sewing News Today...

The bodice pieces from my niece's graduation party dress have been re-cut and sewn using the brand spankin' new microfibre sewing machine needle. The seams look perfect and there is no fibre damage to the fabric. I'm glad that problem was solved.

I did decide to sew the seams open after I serged each side of the seam allowance.  It just looked too bulky when I serged the two layers of fabric together.

Do you press open your seams?  

I have to admit that I do like the look of a seam pressed open but I am guilty of taking shortcuts every now-and-then and often will just serge my seam allowances together before taking it to the ironing board to be pressed.  

I'm going to be on my best sewing room behaviour with this project, taking the time to press every step along the way. The extra time has been paying off so far. Mind you I haven't progress very far into the project yet.   

Frances Kennett in Secrets of the Couturiers states that the "emphasis on careful pressing cannot be overdone; it makes the difference between success and mediocrity in finish" (16). And taking the time to try the two methods just proved the point. No short-cuts for me on this dress.

I'm going to tease you with just the photo of the fabric. I hope my niece will allow pictures of the dress when she comes for her next fitting. I might have to hold the dress hostage is she declines. I'm kidding C!  

New Patterns were added to my pattern stash this afternoon. No, my Vogue pattern order has not yet appeared in the mail. I can hardly wait until they get here.

The new patterns I picked up were a couple of Burda Style patterns.

The first one is a vintage re-issue blouse, Burda 7255. I'm planning on sewing the one with the 3/4 sleeve and waistband.

The next pattern I picked up was for the pants. Over at Pattern Review someone reviewed a beautiful pair of pants that had me wishing I could create a pair of my own. This pattern is a big step for me, I can't remember the last time I made a pair of pants. I think I only made pants once back in the eighties. Forgive me the eighties are kind of a blur.

What in the world is making me think I should make a pair of pants now, you might be wondering. Well, I found a 239-page bundle of courage at a charity book sale called Fantastic Fit for Every Body by Gail Grigg Hazen. This book is a treasure for someone like me who recently (over the past few years) has been gracing a different shape than I had in my youth. And now with this by my side, I think I might be able to pull off a pair of pants.  

At the same sale I found this gem, Every Kind of Smocking. I can't wait to try my hand at some of the projects in this book this summer.  

That's all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the dress turns out. That is a beautiful shade of green. :)


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