Friday, 30 March 2012

One Week, One Pattern: Part II

Wednesday, March 28th
[Big Smile] The sun is shining and it is finally warming up again.

Pink Stripped Skirt:  Vogue 2885.  100% linen.
I made this one as my muslin. And I surprised myself by keeping it because I don't 
typically like pink.  It was left over fabric from a little girl's dress many moons ago.
Green Tee-shirt:  Talbots
Denim Jacket:  Buffalo Jeans
Indoor Shoes:  Birkenstock
Outdoor shoes:  Groundhog

Thursday, March 29th
I have to admit that even though I love this skirt pattern I'm starting to long for something different from my closet. Something like a pair of jeans on a chilly day like today. Hmmm, what to wear?

I have to say that this exercise is making me realize that I need to sew more versions of Vogue 2885, maybe a version in wool for chilly days like today.

Taupe Skirt:  Vogue 2885, made in stretch crepe.
Shirt:  Vogue 8748, made in 100% cotton  
Indoor Shoes:  Mephisto

Friday, March 30th
This chilly cloudy day was my last day of March break and Mama R and I went out to get our hair cut. So to be completely honest, I wore a black knit dress out to the hairdressers' because I was also getting a colour done. And I didn't want to risk getting hair colour on any of my Vogue 2885 skirts.  What did I change into when I got home?  Pajamas and wool socks. I'll make up for it tomorrow, promise.

Saturday, March 31st

I haven't quite decided yet... It is suppose to warm up tomorrow, perhaps the white sateen skirt with the black and white print top, Vogue 8709.  I can wear my black spring coat with it when I head out to do my Saturday errands.

Hmm, come to think about it I really could use a Vogue 2885 in black too.  Don't you think?


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