Monday, 31 October 2011

In sewing news today...

"Orange is the happiest colour".  ~Frank Sinatra~

I've had this fabric in my stash for some time now. I picked it up for a song when The Fabric Centre closed down earlier this year. It is a 100% polyester suit weight fabric with a lovely drape to it. I don't usually get excited about polyester fabric. 

I do, however, adore the colour the moment I eyed it. Like Frank Sinatra says, "orange is the happiest colour". And this is not a muted orange, this one sings!  

There is not a lot of yardage here, but enough to make a skirt.  That has been my plan all along. The problem has been locating an orange zipper, until today! 

I happened to be in Mitchell Fabrics, unplanned and not all that pleased about heading out there. But I digress... 

And what did I happen to find, an orange zipper and it made me happy. Now if I could just find some time to sew.  

Seeing Red!   

The twenty metres of taffeta fabric has finally been picked up from Mitchell Fabrics and is currently sitting in the front hallway.

It is beautiful, isn't it?  I like this one better than the sample I picked up on the first visit. This one just screams Christmas! much more so than the first taffeta fabric that was considered. I'm happy that the order wasn't a perfect match with the sample.

I think that it will be nice when it is all done. I'm actually a wee bit excited to see it when it is finished and hanging in the church on Christmas Eve. And can you believe that Christmas is eight weeks away?  Craziness.

Talking about crazy, things here have been beyond stressful and there is no way that I will even be able to start cutting this before the end of the week.

Throw in job hunting that is taking priority over any sewing life since I quit my job a week ago.  That's a whole other story for another time.

Unfortunately, with all this beautiful fabric I have been seeing red.

Any help with placing or picking up this order has been ignored and forgotten. Auuuugggghhhhhh! Yea, I can add this to the list of why I hate sewing for others. After this, no more sewing for others.

Even though the fabric is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing the bows sewn up and hanging on Christmas Day, the whole experience so far has left me feeling taken advantage of and frustrated. I'm not loving this feeling nor the balance on my Visa. Once I'm reimbursed for the supplies I'll get to work on donating my time and sewing skills. And hopefully then, I'll stop seeing red.

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