Monday, 30 May 2011


Still on the theme of skirts... the highly anticipated Vogue Vintage pattern arrived in the mail today!

I ordered Vogue Vintage pattern #2885 a few weeks ago.  It is still available on the Vogue website but as an out-of-print pattern.  So you want to pick one up time is running out.  Anyway, I'm quite thrilled that is finally here.

I picked up this pattern for the skirt, circa 1944.  The skirt is slightly flared with a contoured waist and back pleat.  I like the slightly flared part and hopefully it will fit nicely without sitting a bit higher in the back, (a problem that I seem to find with store bought clothing).  

The fabric that I've been keeping aside for the project is a heavy weight, white, cotton sateen stretch, I thought it would be a staple summer piece to my wardrobe.  But first off to pick up some muslim to test out the pattern.

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