Sunday, 20 June 2021

This Dress is Not Made for Windy Days

And I am no Marilyn Monroe.  So, it became apparent, as the weather warmed and coats were no longer needed, that the Ebony Dress was not going to work in a place know for its windy climate

I was not thinking about this when I made the dress.  Instead, I was thinking about how lovely others looked in their own versions and just jumped in and made my own.  If I didn't fix it, it would have become an indoor only housedress and I spent too much money on that lovely knit fabric for it to be end up as a housedress.  

I went to work to narrow the flare of the hem and took in ten inches from each seam.  And I ended up with this finished look.  

Now it just looks like a plain old t-shirt dress but at least I will be able to go out into the public sphere without worries of flashing the neighbours if a gust of wind blows my way.  

Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!


  1. I have pettipants made from Bemberg I wear under my skirts -let the wind blow, I won't be fl1ashing anyone.

  2. i have a memory of a wrap skirt whipping around my elbows as I stood holding a big bouquet and a cake in a mall parking lot at age 17.


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