Wednesday, 30 September 2020

September in Review...

Not much sewing this month.  I've been waiting for the stars to line up to get the cloak cut but how I planned my September has not turned out to be what I've planned.  Much like most of the year.  September has been difficult but here we are at the end.   

I found a new home for one of the sewing machines.  It is being cared for by a young person who is showing some interest in learning how to sew.  It felt good knowing that it went to someone who has some interest in learning this skill.  I hope it brings joy into their life.  

And I broke the fabric fast this month and picked up lining fabric to replace a drapery sheer 😞. I was so close with the fabric fast, if only I was able to stay away from fabric stores.  So close.  Hopefully, the rest of the year will have a spark of joy in the sewing room that can expand to the rest of the world.  

Right now, I don't feel like spending my free time sewing.  My heart is not into it.  It's time to turn off the lights on the sewing table and at this time I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  

On another note, these items were de-stash this month.  
  • 1 sewing machine
  • 1 tomato pin cushion
  • 1 copy of Sewtionary
  • 1 package of tailor's chalk
  • 1 package of knit sewing pins
  • 4 packages of sewing needles
  • 1 package + 0.20 metres of Knit 'N Stable tape
  • 2.4 metres of fabric
  • 1 previously used pattern
  • 1 new pattern
In the meantime, I have a few books I would like to work through.  

Stay safe and Happy Sewing!


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