Friday, 11 September 2020

A Sewing Challenge: Butterick 4377

A couple of months ago I made a toile for a costume cloak, Butterick 4377.  And until recently, the project has been on hold while waiting for the fabric.   

Right now it's in the trunk of my car waiting for a time and place to lay out this project and get all the pieces cut out. In the meantime, I'm trying not to be concerned about the fabric that was chosen to line this project.    

Can you guess what type of fabric was sold to the individual instead of lining fabric?  

Drapery sheer fabric.  For the lining.  

What. The. Fudge.  

It's not like lining fabric is scarce. I just want to know who in the fabric store told the person picking out lining fabric that this was an appropriate choice?  

That salesperson needs to be fired spoken to and educated.  

This is why I don't like sewing for others.  Bad fabric choices can ruin a project.   

It's like shopping for clothes.  Never trust the sales person.  They're there to make a sale.  Period.  

This past week this project has been stressing me out before I get knee deep into it. Let alone get it cut out.

I've been thinking that I'll have to sew French seams since it won't look good if you can see serged edges. The thought of sewing French seams with drapery sheer fabric on such a large project has me wanting to give up sewing. Okay, maybe not that far. Maybe more like throw me into a deep spell of procrastination.  The more I research sewing this type of fabric the more it has me stressed out. 

And it's not a project that I can, nor want to, turn down.    

So I'm planning on going shopping for lining fabric, proper lining fabric.  Yup, I'm breaking my fabric fast.  I'm doing it to save my sanity. 

Hopefully, I can find a suitable colour and get this project done.  In the meantime, I think I will sleep better tonight knowing that the drapery sheer nightmares are behind me.  

Happy Sewing!

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