Monday, 22 July 2019

I've Lost Count: Vogue 1247

I've lost count how many versions of Rachel Comey's skirt design I've modified and made over the years. Many, more than half a dozen for sure. Over the years, the number sitting in my wardrobe has dwindled to one before I cut this latest version. This time, it is a black cotton sateen version that I trust  will become a go-to basic.

The pockets on this design make this the best in practical clothing options.  The fabric is a remnant cotton sateen that has been aging in the stash for six years and the last time I cut into this was back in 2014.  I really need to de-stash as there are some gems hanging out in there!  I actually forgot that I had this in the stash.  No need to pretreat the fabric, it was pre-treated half a decade ago.  I typically pre-treat my fabric before cutting in the method that I plan to use on the completed garment.  

Back to the pattern, as I mentioned I did make some modifications. That length!  That wasn't happening, and I added another twelve inches to the length and sewed a two inch hem.  I also left off the seam binding seam finish and opted for using my serger instead.

Otherwise, it was an easy afternoon of sewing to get this one done.  

The Stats

Fabric:  1.1 metres

Zipper:  8 inch invisible zipper

Snap:  1 medium sized

Basting tape:  16" length

Pattern:  Vogue 1247

Additional Supplies & Tools:  Sewing machine, walking foot, zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, screwdriver, tweezers, serger, threads, cutting table, iron, ironing board, pins, pin cushions, scissors, thread clippers, rulers, measuring tape, measuring gauge, tailor's chalk, and hand sewing needle.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love the pockets on this skirt.

    God bless.

  2. I have made this skirt five times including a couple modified to have an elastic waist and yes I lengthened it quite a bit. I have also switched to serging instead of binding the seams. It is still my favourite go to skirt pattern

    1. Me too on the serging, I find the seam bound edges add bulk that I prefer wasn't there.

  3. LOL, I don't think I've read any reviewers that did not lengthen the skirt - including me!

    1. I can only think of one person who didn't lengthen the skirt, if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't me, I'm with the majority on this one! Although, it's not a length I would be comfortable to wear, it did look nice in their Pattern Review photo.

  4. I have five versions of this skirt and will undoubtedly make more. My main change, other than to lengthen significantly, is to leave off the waistband and use either a facing or lining or both. I am never comfortable in high waistbands and this pattern piece is far too wide for me.


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