Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Psychological Prescription for Troubling Times

This weekend in the Globe and Mail, Nathalie Atkinson presented a fashion theory in her article, "Sparkle and Shine:  There's Never Been a Better Time to Adopt a Flamboyant Look". She pushes past the lipstick index as a reference to fashion's commentary on the economy. Instead, Atkinson refers to as the Rhinestone Index as a commentary on the dark times we're currently living in. 

Therma Kota's gold jacquard bomber jacket. {Source}
The Rhinestone index has nothing to do with the economy, rather it's psychology. All that glitters, shines and sparkles on the fashion runways is a reaction to the constant terrible news of the world.  

And yet, yesterday when the world heard the news of a royal engagement it was a simple non-decorated coat that crashed a fashion website as people flocked to find and sell out the simply designed coat.  

Meghan Markle wearing white coat by Canadian fashion brand Line the Label.

McCall's pattern company was quick to congratulate the happy couple and point consumers to the very similar pattern design that can be whipped up at home.

McCall's congratulatory instagram post {source}

Yes, indeed!  McCall's 7480 is a very strikingly similar design. And it quite easy to change the sleeve design to a two-piece more fitted sleeve if you're a looking for a copy-cat version. This instagram post received over 1,800 likes and surely some sewing machines will be humming away to capture this happy moment and recapture the concept of I dress, therefore I am.  

Maybe, yesterday's engagement announcement highlights Atkinson's point about the psychology of fashion with her new index. When there was finally some happy news for a change, the style called for some sophistication and grace over flashy. So the question remains, will you be sewing McCall's 7480 or will it be glitter and glamour coming out of your sewing room? I don't think I will be sewing either as right now as I'm busy working on a vintage pattern.  
Happy Sewing!  

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