Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Blue Linen Eva Dress

Okay, I've made a few of these but the latest one was the wrong size. So much so that I had to do some research into how to grade the pattern to achieve the correct size.  

After getting the nod that the muslin was a good fit, I got to work cutting a new dress.  

I'm thrilled that this project is finished and I can't wait to deliver it to my friend. I hope she likes it.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:  3 metres 100% linen

Bias Tape:  3 metres

Thread:  finished off 1 spool

Knit-N-Stable tape:  1 metre

Pattern:  The Eva dress by Tessuti Patterns

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Burda pattern paper, pencils, pens, cutting table, pins, pin cushions, scissors, thread clippers, sewing machine, serger, threads, iron, ironing board, measuring tape, rulers (straight and curved), tweezers, screw driver, and coffee.  

Happy Sewing!  

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