Wednesday, 1 February 2017

McCall's 7541: Retraction

Remember last month when I said that I was undecided about McCall's 7541? Well, I'm withdrawing that statement. I now have a very strong opinion of this pattern.  

This pattern is perfect. 

So you might be wondering what changed. I brought it to work yesterday and gave it to one of my co-workers thinking that perhaps one of her daughters would like it. My colleague tried it on, then and there, and oh my goodness, it was perfect. She's taller than I am and I guess the height difference between us made a huge difference on the fit of this top. The neckline wasn't too wide or low on her, it was absolutely perfect.  

She wore it today and looked awesome and words can not express how good I felt that it's being worn by someone who likes it. 

I guess now I should say, if you're a petite size (I'm five foot) you might want to consider doing a muslin first. I can't remember if the pattern pieces have the markings to lengthen or shorten the bodice pieces but after re-reading the review I wrote over at pattern review, I originally quoted the back envelope description. 
Misses' Tops: Loose-fitting, pullover tops have length and front and back overlay variations. Note: No provisions provided for above waist adjustment.
Maybe taking it in from the shoulder seam and adding at the hemline length might work if I have another go at this pattern? Or should I re-shape the neckline? Of course, that will have to wait until I can sit without an aid. I'll have to think about this more when I'm not all doped up on pain meds. The cape overlay piece has quite a lot of narrow hemming to it and I don't think my tush is in any condition for that right now. But when I'm up to it, it will certainly be worth another go.    

Until then... Happy Sewing!  

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  1. At 5'4" I don't think that would work on me either but I'm glad it found a good home, it is beautiful fabric and well sewn :)


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